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Short Story for Kid: Like to Sleep Alone

BACATULIS.NET - Sleeping is a condition of the body and mind are relaxed. You usally lay your body and close your eyes. Sleeping is important to refresh your body. By the way, do you still sleep with your Mom or alone?

Your know what?

Gaga likes to sleep alone.

There was a leak in Gaga's bedroom. It means he could not sleep there.
"Tonight you sleep with me, okay?' Mother said.
Gaga nodded like a singing bulbul.

Gaga could not sleep even though it had been almost an hour he stayed in Mother's bedroom.

He saw his sleeping Father and Mother in his right and left side. Gaga then decided to wake up.

"Whya haven't you slept yet, Gaga?" Mother asked him abruptly

Then she woke up and sat next to Gaga.

"I can't sleep, Mother," gaga replied.


Gaga shook his head.

"I want to sleep in my bedroom."

Mother caressed his head with love.

"There's still a leak in your room. It will be fixed tomorrow." Mother explained.

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Gaga scratched his head although it was not itchy.

"It's already late. Sweetheart. Let's sleep," Mother asked Gaga.

"Mmm...., I'll sleep in the living room, Mother," he replied.

"Are you going to sleep in the living room? But, with whom?" Mother asked.

"Alone," he answered.

"It's hot here. Besides, it's wider there. I won't feel hot, then," gaga explained.

Mother smiled and accompanied him to the living room.

She helped Gaga setting up a big sofa there. It became Gaga's bed for one night.

"All have been set up now. You can sleep here," Mother said to him after she put a pollow, a bolster, and a blanket on yhe sofa.

Gaga smiled and nodded. He immediately jumped onto it. 

"You'd better sleep now so that you won't miss your Shubuh prayer, okay?" Mother said.

"Thank you, Mom." gaga replied.

Then he took the bolster and pulled up his blanket.

Mother left the living room, showing her thums up. Gaga prayed first before he slept. A few minutes later, he feel a sleep. Gaga was so happy that he could finally sleep alone again.

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