Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

Short Story for Kid: The Brave Kid

BACATULIS.NET- Being brave means not to be afraid, not to be scared., and not to be a coward.

Being brave woll help us to stay calm in facing everthing. But, it isn't true to use a bravery to do some bed things. A kind of being brave is like what Gaga does in the following story.

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Gaga was curious to see Titi. For a few days Titi didn't want to play outside. After school. Titi wanted to stay in her room only.

"There must be a reason for that," gaga murmured.

"Sister Titi...," Gaga called in front of Titi's room.

"Yes...," Titi answered from her room.

"What is up?"

"Let's play together!"

"I don't want to play,"

 What's wrong with her? Was she doing her homework?

Gaga opened the door. Titi was lyaing in her bed.

Were there any bad kids out there?

Gaga thought deeply. Maybe some of her friends treated her badly. 

"Yeah, there must herbadly!" Gaga thought.

Gaga came out of his house. Gaga walked around the neighborhood of his hous. Gaga's eyes were constantly watching every corner of some houses.

"Hey... what happened there?"

Gaga asked as he saw some children sitting in a guardhouse.

Gaga saw a big Rudi, a skinny Ito, and a bald Sami.

"What are they doing?" Gaga thougt.

"Give us your money!" asked Rudi, a student of the fourth grade.

"I didn't bring any, " said a girl who was just back from school. She looked very terrified.

"You lie!" Rudi shouted harshly. Rudi, Ito and Sami grabbed the little girl's bag. Gaga was so startled. He ran towards them.

"Brother Rudi? What are you doing?" gaga asked as he approached Rudi, Ito, and Sami.

"Maybe, what you have done causes my Sister Titi doesn't want ti play outside all this time."

"Well, I'm just asking for the money," Rudi said.

"I hope you're not ging to be mad fi I kindly ask you not to do it again!"

Rudi, Ito, and Sami became silent.

"I want to play outside with my sister again," Gaga saidagain and made them smile.

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